Practice Area

Intellectual Property Rights

Panna Asean Law Office, Cambodia IP practice group is a leading local law firm in Cambodia in providing effective service with cost effective to our clients, including providing legal advice on all IP aspects, IP registration, IP asset commercialization, and IP enforcement and IP litigation.


- Trademark and GI

We assist our national and foreign clients in various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beverage and brewery, food and drinks, baby products, milks, apparel and cloths, and heavy industrial sector. We provide our legal advice on how a trademark (including GI) could be accepted for registration in Cambodia, trademark search, registration, renewal, and affidavit of use or non-use, assignment, licensing, franchising, recordal of trademark rights transfer, trademark opposition, trademark cancellation and other trademark prosecution. HBS consist of experiences lawyers and qualified trademark agents who are capable in assisting its clients in all steps of procedure of trademark prosecution before Cambodian competent authorities and courts.

- Patent

Our lawyers assist our client in preparing documents for filing the application for registration of patents, petty patents and industrial designs. Prior art search is also available for client. 

- Copyright

Our experts in IP practice group have extensive knowledge in providing legal advice and registration of copyright in Cambodia, including film and entertainment sectors, books, songs, and other literature and artistic works. Of course, the registration of copyright protection is based on the voluntary principle. It sounds simple but in practice very complex. In this respect, our experts provide the effective strategies for Copyright protection in compliance with the existing laws and current practical situation in Cambodia.


Our practitioners have broad experiences in providing advice and prepare license agreement, franchising agreement and strategy for commercialization of IP assets under Cambodian laws and current practice in the country.

In addition, our IP practice group provides service of investigation, due diligence and market searches within the territory of Cambodia.


Our IP experience lawyers have been assisted many well-known brands in finding good solution for IP rights protection. Furthermore, we assist clients in defending in all steps of procedure before governmental IP office and competent Courts of Cambodia. 

Participating in fighting against the parallel import and counterfeit products in local market, we establish effective strategy for our client in preventing and repressing the IP rights infringement in the territory of Cambodia.

We have assisted our client in fighting against the counterfeit and parallel imports by through court proceedings to conduct the raid action since 2004, in various sectors.